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“Kelley approaches photographs of my kids differently every year: none of them look canned, they all look artistic, she brings out varying sides to my kids personalities. I love her photographs and get comments on them regularly!” -Tracy

“Kelley Richardson has an incredible eye, and a deft talent for capturing exactly the right moment. She is easy to work with, extremely professional (sometimes a tough quality to find in true artists!), and cares deeply about her work and her clients. If you're looking for a great photographer, stop looking - you've found one.” -Edith

“I had the chance to collaborate with Kelley on her book profiling her major photographic art project "The Santa Cruz Tattoo Project" and it exposed me to the magic that she creates in a big way. I've had the opportunity to work with Kelley on a couple projects and she is a true artist. She's a total professional, like a lot of photographers that we work with at 57design, but her photography goes beyond simply documenting the subject and really captures the essence and engages the viewer.” -James

"I couldn't recommend Kelley highly enough! If you someone who can capture your spirit with a camera, Kelley is your woman. She is uber talented, creative, and a damn good photographer. She is super punctual, out-right inventive, and can turn something ordinary into extraordinary.” -Jodi and Neal

“Kelley took a picture of me for an ad as I was starting my business. I am still using the picture, and get comments about it all the it conveys warmth and professionalism. This ad has served as a major source for referrals, and my business is growing exponentially as a result.” -Jonathan M.D.

“Kelley scores a 10 in all possible attributes of a professional photographer. I can't say enough about Kelley's high-quality work and creativity. Kelley is highly intelligent, flexible, personable, resourceful, and always reliable. Kelley is the first and only phone call for any photography needs. I know I will consistently get unparalleled results from Kelley.” -Robin

“Kelley has an incredible eye for detail and she's able to bring out the absolute best in her photography subjects. If I needed portrait work, fashion shots, or someone asked me about a wedding photographer, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kelley and Strange Angel Studios!” -Nick

“Kelley Richardson did a brilliant job of capturing the essence us for of our studio photographs. I have used these photos along with my business partner’s photos throughout all of our sales and marketing literature. Kelley has the patience, skill and temperament to allow her clients to relax and practically ENJOY getting their photo taken!” -Mary

“We engaged Kelley to capture "A day in the life" of our family. We shot a few sitting, but most of the time the shooting was free form and organic. Kelley shot in color and B/W. Most of the time, everyone was very casual. We had the boys jumping on the trampoline, riding a little motorcycle we have, sitting with the dogs. It really was just a normal day at our home. A few days later we got the call from Kelley that she was ready to show us what she had shot. All I could say was, “wow”. So many excellent photos. We decided to get one very casual family sitting photo, but the rest were B/W, and we got a lot of those. All 11x17. All framed the same to really make a statement. To this day, the photos Kelley shot for us are still our walls, still as good as the day we first saw them.” -Joe and Holly

“The instant I met Kelley I knew that she was (and continues to be) a unique human who is up to good things in the world. When I got the chance to hire and work with Kelley, her exceptional talent, authenticity and creativity reinforced my initial impression. Kelley worked with the teen group at Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services. The project she designed not only fully involved and engaged the participants in meaningful ways it also supported giving voice to emotions/thoughts/impressions that may have otherwise stayed deeply hidden. I feel safe saying that the work the teen group did was transformative. Kelley’s uncanny ability to relate to, connect with and bring forth what’s true for those lucky enough to work with her is worth of any price.” -Sally

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelley for near 10 years and in that time I have been witness to her enthusiasm for the arts and her drive to be the best at what she does. As a family of four it was important for us to have someone we could trust and feel comfortable with during our children's photo shoot. Kelley's ability to develop trust and build a comfort with our kids was just what was needed to ensure success. I would hire Kelley again in a red hot minute and look forward to the next time we do!” -Kyle