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the long version

kelley richardson, the owner and award winning photographer behind strange angel studios, has a complete photo studio in santa cruz, works on-location locally, and is also available for distance travel jobs.

kelley's photographs have been shown in galleries across the globe and featured in international magazines. specializing in creative photography personalized with her unique style, kelley richardson brings artistic interpretation to life with her camera.

as a photographer and artist, kelley is singular in her perception and in her creations. the human identity- is at the center of her interest, but her perception is not constrained by the ordinary studio experience.

kelley prefers to visit her clients on their own turf, in their home to get to know them not just as images, but as personalities interrelating in their own spaces. she then captures them in her creative vision with images that were unknown to them or hidden in the business and bustle of everyday just getting along.

the photographic result is that these are not like the pictures of those people who usually stare out at us from a photo album. these are the images that may be in our minds and memories but rarely in our albums. she creates photographic art pieces, specific to each person she works with.

as kelley's view of the human identity evolves as a photographer, it can also become the subject of her work as an artist. a commissioned collage of images cast as a multimedia expression in paint, wood, paper, and whatever materials meet her vision of expression. all of kelley's work is indeed artistically unique, irreplaceable, and for the commissioner, historical.